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Hannah Lloyd CSAC

Substance Abuse Counseling

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Posted on December 8, 2013 at 4:24 PM
Recovery brings increased awareness of our sensations and health indicators.
One of the things I have discovered through testing and family members distress, is that I have Celiac Disease.  I would not have known to have this checked but for my daughter's celiac crisis and subsequent conversation with my family physician.
Like a lot of my peers, I have not been the best at seeing a physician for regular check ups, labs, etc. and now I know that Celiac is an auto-immune disease.  
Now this was a surprise as I had no symptoms other than some joint discomfort and a very resistant skin rash on my arm that wouldn't go away.  FOUR days on a gluten free diet, and both are gone!
Now I'm an advocate for eating gluten free, organic, non-GMO foods.  
After listening to the Gluten Summit a couple of weeks ago, I discover other foods that are perceived by my digestive system as gluten (falsely) but may be causing damage nonetheless.
The Asian medical systems have long believed that "food is medicine" and that really makes sense to me.
Anyone who suffers from allergies, digestive problems, joint pain, or skin issues should consider asking for the lab work required to diagnose auto-immune disease.
After all, who'd want to stay clean and sober if we didn't feel optimally good?

Categories: Nutrition

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